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      Terms and Conditions

      Please read Terms of sale and use of services available through the website www.cherry-fashion.com and if you agree with them indicate their consent in the "Accept Terms and Conditions".After making this recording and pressing a virtual button "Register" shall be deemed that you are familiar with the Terms and agree to abide by them.


      This document contains the general conditions of contract for the sale and use of services provided by "Krimeyd" Ltd consumer website www.cherry-fashion.com services and regulates the relationship between "Krimeyd" LTD and each of the registered users accessible through the website www.cherry-fashion.com services and resources.

      I. General provisions


      Article. A. In the interpretation and enforcement of these Terms used terms and expressions shall have the following meanings:

      1 www.cherry-fashion.com is e-commerce website and provide services - virtual information resource on the Internet to sell goods at a distance, to be delivered upon their explicit expressions of the Customer. Ownership of "Krimeyd" Ltd, which enables use of various services and resources, including through an electronic link to resources located on servers "Krimeyd" Ltd or other servers outside the control of the latter.

      2 "Website / Site" is a special place in the global Internet network, accessible through its unique address (URL) protocol HTTP, HTTPS or other standardized protocol and containing files, text, sound, picture, image or other materials and resources.

      3. "Krimeyd" LTD e company, registered by the Registry Agency, with headquarters and management address: Sofia, Sofia, Blvd. "Mladost" 2 pk 1799, (+359) 883310494, e-mail: shop@cherry-fashion.com, BULSTAT: 201,272,585 providing administered through its website www.cherry-fashion.com services and resources covered by this contract.

      4 www.cherry-fashion.com is a domain owned by "Krimeyd" LTD.

      5."Client's account" is a separate part in www.cherry-fashion.com, containing information about Customet provided by the Customer upon registration and stored in www.cherry-fashion.com, and access to customer profile is done by entering a user name and password. Client profile enables the client to examine and edit the data entered in the registration records in the Address Book to access information on all requests to purchase goods from a shop e-commerce www.cherry-fashion.com, change password access to subscribe, respectively to give the subscription to receive newsletter and more.

      6. "Username" is selected by the Customer a unique code of letters and / or numbers by which it is individualized www.cherry-fashion.com.

      7. "Password" was selected by the client code of letters and / or numbers, which together with the same username and customize it the opportunity to make valid applications for the proposed purchase in www.cherry-fashion.com goods and services.

      8."Manufacturer" means any natural or legal person who professionally manufactures finished goods or substantially changed or transformed goods with a view to placing on the market or given to a manufacturer by affixing to the product, its packaging or on the technical or commercial documentation her his name or company, its production or other distinctive mark.

      9."Package" means vessels and any other components or materials that are fit to serve to contain and store a variety of goods offered directly to customers.

      10. "Services" - services are provided to website users www.cherry-fashion.com services and resources.

      11."User" or "Customer" e any individual 18 years of age or legal person who is registered to www.cherry-fashion.com and has agreed to these Terms.

      12. "Purchase price" is the ultimate price for a unit or for a specified amount of product, including value added tax and all other taxes and fees.

      13."Commercial communications" are advertising or other communication, directly or indirectly, goods, services or reputation of the person making the trade or craft activity or exercising a regulated profession.

      14."Malicious acts" are acts or omissions violating netiquette or causing harm to persons connected to the Internet and associated networks, sending unsolicited mail (SPAM, JUNK MAIL), channel flooding (FLOOD), gaining access to foreign resources rights and passwords, use of system faults for personal benefit or to obtain information (HACK), committing actions that can be qualified as industrial espionage or sabotage, damage or destruction of systems or data sets (CRACK), sending "Trojan horses" or virus installation or remote control systems, disturbing the normal operation of other users of the Internet and associated networks, making any any actions that may be classified as a crime or offense administivno Bulgarian legislation or the law of another country.

      15."Website" under these Terms means integral and distinct part of the website.

      16. "Accident" was unexpected at the time of conclusion of the circumstance of an extraordinary nature, which makes the provision of services objectively impossible.

      17"E link" means a connection identified in a website that allows automatic forwarding to another website, information resource or object using standard protocols.

      18. "IP Address" ("IP address") is a unique ID, associating computer, website or resource users in a way that allows their localization in the global Internet network.

      Relating to the General Conditions

       Article. 2. (1) By ticking the box "Accept Terms" and pressing the virtual button "Register", the user electronic statement made under the Law on Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act, which declares that he is familiar with these Terms and Conditions, accept them and undertakes to respect them.With his recording on the media server in the "KRIMEYD" Ltd. through a common standard for conversion in a technical way, making possible its reproduction, electronic statement becomes an electronic document within the meaning of that Act. "KRIMEYD" Ltd. can store the log files on its server IP addresses and any other information necessary for its identification and reproduction of electronic statement of acceptance of the Terms, in the event of litigation.

      (2).(2) After expressing agreement with these Terms, the User may make valid applications for participation in online promotions www.cherry-fashion.com and / or purchase orders offered in www.cherry-fashion.com products considered to be bound by the provisions of the terms and undertakes to respect them.

      (3)The text of these Terms is available on the Internet at www.cherry-fashion.com a way that allows its storage and playback

       Conclusion of contract

       Article. 3. (1) The contract between the parties shall take effect from the date of agreement, objectified in the manner specified in Art. 2, para. A. The contract is in Bulgarian. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the User agrees that communication with him to be delivered via telephone, fax, mail or email.

      (2) www.cherry-fashion.com immediately acknowledge receipt of the statement of art. 2, para. 1, sends a message to e-mail to the User that contains the name, address and contact details (including email) with www.cherry-fashion.com.

      (3)If a dispute which entity has expressed willingness to be bound by the text of these General Conditions of Contracting Part is considered the person who paid the purchase price offered for purchasing product.

       Changes  to the General Conditions

      Article. 4. (1) As provided by "KRIMEYD" Ltd. services are diverse and constantly supplemented and modified with a view to improve and extend it for that reason the number, characteristics of services and their mode of delivery may be changed at any time unilaterally "KRIMEYD "Ltd.

      (2)When changes are made in the General Conditions, "KRIMEYD" Ltd. is obliged to notify the User as published prominently on the site message changes in the General Conditions, containing the text of the amendments or electronic link to the website, which amended General Conditions are.

      (3)"KRIMEYD" Ltd. provides consumers with sufficient time to examine the changes in the General Conditions. If within this period, user does not declare that rejects change is considered to be bound by them.

      (4)If the user said that rejects change is considered that the contract under Art. 3 is terminated automatically obtain explicit statement of rejection. Statement of rejection should be sent to "KRIMEYD" Ltd. e-mail: shop@cherry-fashion.com

      (5)Changes in the Terms shall not affect the relationship between User and "KRIMEYD" Ltd., arising in connection with validly submitted prior to notification under par. Second request for the purchase of a product.


      Article. 5. (1) "KRIMEYD" Ltd. provides service users in strict compliance by the last of the requirements specified in these Terms and further specified in the relevant websites in www.cherry-fashion.com requirements for specific services.

      (2)Article. 5. (1) "K" KRIMEYD "Ltd. provides the user the opportunity to participate in online promotions www.cherry-fashion.com and / or state purchase offer www.cherry-fashion.com products by sending a request and payment of relevant sale price, compliance and strict adherence by the User of these Terms, and further referred to the relevant websites for specific product requirements.

      (3) Service provision and access to resources does not cover the provision of computer and other technical equipment and connectivity for the transmission of information packets between the User and the website needed to provide access to resources on the website. "KRIMEYD"Ltd. is no responsibility for any interference or technical problems thwarted the use of services due to operation of computer equipment by the user (hardware or software problem, a problem with Internet connectivity, etc..) And unpaid User of service providers for access and transmission fees.

      II. Services "KRIMEYD" Ltd.

        Services "KRIMEYD" Ltd.

       Article. 6. (1) "KRIMEYD" Ltd. provides the following services to the User ("Services"):

      1.      Ability to register in real time (online) to participate in online promotions www.cherry-fashion.com

      2 Option to purchase offered by www.cherry-fashion.com products by sending a request and payment of the purchase price;

      3.   Other services "KRIMEYD" Ltd develops and enriches.

      (2)"KRIMEYD" Ltd. has the right to change the technology, design and type of the Services at any time without notice to User.

      Publication of information on Internet promotions www.cherry-fashion.com

      Article. 7. "KRIMEYD" Ltd. published at www.cherry-fashion.com description of the rules for participation and implementation of Internet advertising. By conducting an electronic statement within the meaning of Art. 2, para 1 user agrees with the rules for participation and implementation of Internet promotions "KRIMEYD" LTD.

      Publication of information on products www.cherry-fashion.com

      Article. 8. (1) Upon presentation of a product www.cherry-fashion.com published description of the main features of an image, purchase price, including VAT and tariff on the value of mailing or shipping costs not included in purchase price and related its delivery, information on payment methods, delivery and performance of the contract, the right of the User who is a consumer and the Law on consumer protection under Art. 16, para. 4 and the conditions and manner of its exercise, and the period for which the offer and sale price shall remain in force.

      (2)Publication of information is a public invitation under Art. 290, para. 1 of the Commercial Code to make a purchase order in accordance with those described in Art. 10 way. 

      (3)In the absence of ability to carry out the duties of "KRIMEYD" Ltd., because it does not have requested to purchase a product, "KRIMEYD" Ltd within 14 days after receipt of purchase order to notify the User depletion by phone call to a registered telephone number or by sending a message to user defined e-mail address.

      Registration for participation in online promotions www.cherry-fashion.com

       Article. 9. (1) To be eligible to participate in online promotion www.cherry-fashion.com and / or to make valid applications for the purchase of offered www.cherry-fashion.com products, the User must:

      1.To be filled in the electronic registration form;

      2.Be consented to these Terms, in the manner described in art. 2.

      (2)When completing the electronic registration form under par. 1, item 1 User must provide complete and accurate data regarding your identity and other provisions required by the electronic form of www.cherry-fashion.com data. User warrants that the data provided in the registration process are accurate, complete and accurate.

      (3)If the User provides false data, "KRIMEYD" Ltd. has the right to stop immediately and without notice to maintain the User's registration to participate in online promotion and deemed filed its application for purchase of a product vo

      (4)Before making the statement in Art. 2, para. A user can freely fix the information entered in the registration form under par. A.

      Requests to purchase products www.cherry-fashion.com

      Article. 10. (1) The user accesses the form for submitting requests to purchase offered by www.cherry-fashion.com products after the compulsory introduction of their names, address and e-mail address (e-mail), acceptance of these Terms by recording in the "accept terms" and pressing the virtual button "Register".

      (2)Request for purchase of product www.cherry-fashion.com is deemed to have occurred after pressing the "END OF THE CONTRACT”.

      (3) When referred to incomplete, incorrect or wrong address and / or e-mail address (e-mail) when filing the application for purchase of product, "KRIMEYD" bears no responsibility if the delivery of the product.

      Approval of application for purchase of product www.cherry-fashion.com

      Article. 11. Request for purchase of product is taken from www.cherry-fashion.com by sending a message to the e-mail address (e-mail), specified by User.


      Article. 12. (1) All prices of products www.cherry-fashion.com are in Bulgarian leva, VAT include.

      (2)The indicated selling prices of individual products do not include delivery costs.

      (3)Payable by the User purchase price specified in the invitation to purchase the product at the time of application to purchase the same manner described in art. 10.


       Article. 13. (1) The selling price of art. 12 and delivery costs can be paid by any of the following ways:


      2.A bank nominated by www.cherry-fashion.com account;

      3.Otherwise specified by www.cherry-fashion.com website in the way

      (2) Possible means of payment when purchasing a product is determined by "KRIMEYD" Ltd. and shall state specifically in the website.

      (3)User agrees to pay the purchase price paid by its product, and postal and shipping costs not included in the price associated with its delivery.

      (4)By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the User agrees that a payment is made before the expiry of art. 16, para. 4 will be considered as expressing explicit consent within the meaning of Art. 53, para. 1 of the users.


      Article. 14. (1) requested to purchase product in stock are delivered within 3 days (unless otherwise specified period) from making the purchase order address specified by the user.

      (2)The product is delivered properly packed according to the types and modes of delivery.

       Transmission Product

       Article. 15. (1) The product is passed to the User or third party who accepts and acknowledges receipt of the same on behalf of User.

      (2)Upon delivery of the product user or third party at par.A signed supporting documents.

       Right of withdrawal

      Article. 16. (1) The customer has the right to refuse to accept it requested to purchase a product if:

      ·        supplied product does not correspond offered for purchase by the User and may be established by its regular review;

      ·       to transport the product has been damaged or has been compromised the integrity of the product packaging;

      · price that the consumer should pay does not match the price payable under art. 12.

      (2) Upon receipt of the product user is entitled to its return in a significant deficiency, which could not be detected in routine examination of the same.

      (3) In terms of para. 1, item 1, and a discrepancy between the stated in the purchase and the product delivered has not been possible to establish the time of delivery, the user may want the product delivered shall be replaced by the corresponding given to that purchase order respectively, by issuing a written request or call by phone contact.

      (4)A user who is a consumer within the meaning of the consumer shall be entitled, without compensation or penalty and without giving any reason to abandon the contract to purchase the product, return it within 7 working days from the date of receipt.If the consumer withdraws from the contract within the period of the preceding sentence, it should send a statement to withdraw from the contract to "KRIMEYD Ltd" and return the product intact. The statement of withdrawal should be sent to "KRIMEYD" Ltd. address: Sofia, Sofia region, municipality of "Tsar Asen" № 33, PO Box 1000

      (5)In cases under para. 4 User is obliged to store the resulting product thereof, to ensure the preservation of its quality and safety during the period under par. 4.

      (6)"KRIMEYD" Ltd. is obligated to reimburse the consumer in full amounts paid by him (excluding transportation costs to and from customer) no later than 30 days from the date on which the User has exercised any right of withdrawal under paragraph . 1, 2 or 4 of this Article.


      Rights and obligations "KRIMEYD" Ltd.

       Article. 17. (1) "KRIMEYD" Ltd undertakes:

      1.to accept the User's registration to participate in online promotions www.cherry-fashion.com, if they are made ​​in accordance with these Terms and the rules for participation and conduct online promotions;

      2.transfer of ownership of User requested to purchase a product;

      3.to deliver within the requested purchase product;

      4.diligence to perform their duties.

      (2)"KRIMEYD" Ltd. has the right:

      1.to install on computers User cookies - small text files that are saved on the website server on the Internet user's hard drive and allow for recovery of any User by identifying him and follow his actions;

      2. to place electronic links to other Internet sites and resources and banners for the sale of goods and services from third parties, including electronic links and banners pointing to websites outside the control of www.cherry-fashion.com;

      3.to send commercial messages to the User in order to offer information and advertisements on their own or offered by other vendors of goods and / or services and to make inquiries on a variety of questions, conduct polls and more.

      (3)"KRIMEYD" Ltd. has no obligation to provide computer equipment and connectivity for the transmission of information packets between the User and the website needed to provide access to system resources.

       Limitation of Liability

      Article. 18. (1) "KRIMEYD" Ltd. cared for to the website to always maintain accurate and current, but does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the same and not to engage in time to update the information, unless something different is stated on the website www. cherry-fashion.com.

      (2)"KRIMEYD" Ltd. does not guarantee that access to www.cherry-fashion.com will be uninterrupted, timely, secure and free of errors, far exceeds the capacity, control and will of "KRIMEYD" LTD. "KRIMEYD" bears no responsibility for failure to provide access to the website as well as crude or untimely processing of registrations to participate in online promotions or requests for purchase in the event of circumstances beyond his control - cases of force majeure, fortuitous events, problems in the global Internet network, in providing services beyond the control of "KRIMEYD" Ltd. and third party intervention in the functioning of a computer system or server.

      (3) "KRIMEYD" Ltd. can not guarantee that services provided are free of computer viruses, Trojan horses or other similar programs and systems in violation of the normal operation of computer systems and is not responsible for damage caused to the software, hardware or telecommunications equipment, or loss data arising from materials or resources searched, downloaded or used in any manner by www.cherry-fashion.com.

      (4)"KRIMEYD" Ltd is under no obligation and objective ability to control how the user uses www.cherry-fashion.com.

      (5)By accepting these Terms, the User declares that the use of the Services will be entirely at his own risk and responsibility, and the parties agree that "KRIMEYD" Ltd is not responsible for any caused to the User in using the services damages, unless caused from "KRIMEYD" Ltd. intentional or gross negligence.

      (6)Since not initiate the transmission and do not select the receiver of information and does not select or modify the information transmitted, "KRIMEYD" Ltd is not responsible for the content of information transmitted through the Services, as well as user activity.

      (7)While there is no objective possibility and obligation, and does not control the websites and resources made ​​available through the set in www.cherry-fashion.com electronic links and banners or using the Services, "KRIMEYD" Ltd bears no responsibility for the illegal nature of the content and materials in these websites and resources."KRIMEYD"Ltd is no responsibility for any damages or lost profits resulting from the use, access or falsehood of such material and content.

      (8)"KRIMEYD" Ltd is not responsible for the availability and quality of products and content services brought to the attention of the User by publication in www.cherry-fashion.com of electronic links, banners and notices of sales of goods and services from third parties.Since the actions of these third parties are not under the control of "KRIMEYD" Ltd, the same shall not be liable for the illegal nature of the activities of third parties or occurrence, ensuring the implementation, modification and termination of commitments and obligations in connection with the offer third party products and services and is not responsible for any damages or lost profits arising from these relationships.

      (9)The Parties agree that "KRIMEYD" bears no responsibility for the failure of services or providing them with poor quality as a result of tests carried out by "KRIMEYD" Ltd. to verify the equipment, connections, networks, etc., as well as tests designed to improve or optimize the services provided.In these cases, "KRIMEYD" Ltd shall notify the User for possible temporary failure, respectively, for the poor quality of services.

      (10)"KRIMEYD" Ltd may, at its discretion, to terminate the provision of services.

       Rights and obligations of the User

      Article. 19. (1) The User shall:

      1.to indicate an accurate and valid shipping address and e-mail address (e-mail) correspondence;

      2. to pay the purchase price of the ordered product;

      3.pay the cost of delivery;

      4.to obtain the product;

      5.not to submit false or invalid queries or other false information.

      (2)The user has the right to:

      1.access in real time (online) to www.cherry-fashion.com, subject to the terms and conditions of access set by "KRIMEYD" Ltd.;

      2.Access and correction to personal information by sending a written request to "KRIMEYD" Ltd. address: Sofia, Sofia, street: "Ivan Asen" № 33, PO Box 1000.

      (3)By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the User agrees to receive commercial messages from "KRIMEYD" Ltd.The user may request suspension of the sending of commercial communications at any time by sending an email to: www.cherry-fashion.com.

      (4)The user undertakes when using www.cherry-fashion.com

      1.to comply with Bulgarian law, these Terms, Internet ethics, rules of morality and decency;

      2.not to infringe on property or moral rights, including intellectual property rights;

      3.immediately notify "KRIMEYD" Ltd. in case of infringement committed or when using www.cherry-fashion.com;

      4.not interfere with proper operation of the system, including but not limited to not frustrate the procedure of identification of another user, not accessed outside the granted, not to prevent other users from using www.cherry-fashion.com, as and not to use www.cherry-fashion.com otherwise cause a denial of service ("denial of service");

      5.not extracted by technical means or by technical means information resources or parts of information resources belonging to databases located in www.cherry-fashion.com thus does not create a database in electronic or other form;

      6.not to impersonate another person or an entity or group of people who have no authority to represent, or otherwise mislead others about your identity or affiliation to a particular group of persons;

      7.not perform malicious actions under these Terms.

      (5)Failure to comply with its obligations under the preceding paragraph "KRIMEYD" Ltd. is entitled to compensation for all damages and lost profits, which are a direct and proximate result of the breach of obligations under the preceding paragraph by the User. In these cases, "KRIMEYD" Ltd has the right to approach the competent authorities to establish the infringement.

       Intellectual property

      Article. 20. (1) Intellectual property rights on all items and resources from www.cherry-fashion.com (including available databases) are subject to protection under copyright and related rights belong to "" KRIMEYD "Ltd or respectively, of such person, ceded the right to use "KRIMEYD" Ltd and may not be used in violation of applicable laws.

      (2)Any use, reproduction, modification, public display and others. some or all website content without the permission of "KRIMEYD" Ltd. is prohibited and will be pursued provided by law.

      (3)Since services provided by "KRIMEYD" Ltd., are intended exclusively for private use, the user may not distribute in any way published in www.cherry-fashion.com, materials and resources, and to copy or print from them more than reasonably necessary for his personal needs.

      (4)If the items or materials on the website be stored in the User's computer or printed for personal and commercial use, user is required to maintain and provide a copy of any indication of copyright of "KRIMEYD" Ltd Ltd, its users or consumers provides the same for publication.

      (5)When copying or reproduction of materials and resources beyond the limit, under these General Conditions and any other violation of rights of intellectual property resources "KRIMEYD" Lt., due to user "KRIMEYD "Ltd penalty amounting to 1000 (thousand) Levs for each violation. That amount of the penalty does not deprive "KRIMEYD" Ltd. the right to claim compensation for damages greater than the amount of the penalty.


       Article. 21. User shall indemnify "KRIMEYD"Ltd and any third parties for damages and lost profits, including any expenses and legal fees paid, incurred as a result of claims by and / or paid compensation to third parties in connection with failure its obligations under this contract, violation of Bulgarian law applicable foreign laws, these Terms, the etiquette netiquette.

      (2)Out of the preceding paragraph, the user agrees to indemnify "KRIMEYD" Ltd and any third party for damages that are incurred in connection with misuse of the Service User.

      (3)Parents with parental responsibility, carers or guardians of the underage person responsible for any damage caused thereof, the "KRIMEYD" Ltd. and others using our services - subject to these Terms.




      Article. 22. "KRIMEYD" Ltd. may collect and use information about the User when using the same services subject to these Terms. Information by which the user can be identified may include name, mailing address, permanent residential address, e-mail address (e-mail), telephone number, and any other information you voluntarily provide that upon registration and Terms of Service www.cherry-fashion.com.

       Processing of User

      Article. 23. (1) "KRIMEYD" Ltd. diligence and is responsible for protection of the consumer information which has become known on occasion to provide services - subject to these Terms, except in cases of force majeure, accident or malicious acts of third parties

      (2)In the registration form filled in by the User on registration, "KRIMEYD" Ltd. denotes mandatory or voluntary nature of their provision and the consequences of refusal. By expressing consent with these General Conditions, the User agrees that the information for it to be handled as provided in the same manner.

      (3)Limitations under par. 1 shall not apply if the User or persons under his control had committed malicious acts pursuant to these Terms or violated the rights or legitimate interests of third parties. In this case, " KRIMEYD "Ltd has the right to provide personal information about the user of the appropriate authority under applicable laws.

       Purposes for which you can use the information

       Article. 24. (1) "KRIMEYD" Ltd collects and uses of art. 22 for the purposes provided in these Terms and to offer new products and / or services to the User for the supply offered by other goods and / or services, promotions, organizing raffles, inquiries, surveys for adapting services to consumer preferences for statistical and other purposes.Described purposes for which information is used are not exhaustive and does not create obligations for "KRIMEYD" Ltd. Any other purposes for which information is used will be in accordance with Bulgarian legislation, the applicable international instruments, Internet ethics, rules of morality and decency.

      (2)By accepting these Terms, the User agrees that personal data be processed for direct marketing purposes. The user may object to the processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes by sending written notice to "KRIMEYD" Ltd at the address or e-mail address (e-mail) contact.

      (3)The user may be informed before personal data are disclosed for the first time to third parties or used on their behalf for direct marketing purposes to be given the opportunity to object to such disclosure or use.

      (4)By accepting these Terms of User provides explicit consent personal data to be provided to and processed by "KRIMEYD" Ltd in connection with the organization of Internet promotions "KRIMEYD" Ltd, publication of information on successful Internet promotions people on the Internet and in a national daily, processing and fulfillment of orders for purchase and for all other purposes provided in these Terms.

      Disclosure of information

      Article. 25. (1) "KRIMEYD" Ltd undertakes not to disclose any personal information to the consumer and does not provide the information collected to third parties - public authorities, companies, individuals and others, except when:

      1.   has obtained the express consent of the User upon registration or at a later time;

      2.  information is required by state bodies or officials, according to current legislation, to require and collect such information in compliance with statutory procedures in connection with law enforcement, legal proceedings or to comply with these Terms;

      3.  other cases specified by law.

      (2)"KRIMEYD"Ltd reserves the right to use the IP addresses of users to reveal their identity where it is necessary to implement the law, legal procedures or to comply with these Terms.




       Article. 26. (1) Except as provided in these Terms, the contract between the parties shall be terminated upon the occurrence of any of the following circumstances:

      2.       termination of maintenance http://www.cherry-fashion.com;

      3.      mutual agreement of the parties

      4.       other cases provided by law.

      (2)In the cases under Art. 26, para. 1, item 2 contract retains its activity in the part concerning the handling of personal user data (Section IV Privacy and art. 19, para. 2, item 2).

      (3)"KRIMEYD" Ltd may at any time unilaterally, without prior notice due to any damages, lost profits, terminate the website www.cherry-fashion.com.




      Article. 27. The written form shall be deemed complied by sending an e-mail, fax, pressing an electronic button on a website with content that is filled or selected by the User or a note in the box (check box), press the hyperlink and others. similar as far as the statement is technically recorded in a way that allows it to be reproduced.


      Article. 28. The parties declare that in the event that any / of the clauses in these Terms be / have an invalid / and it will not involve the nullity of the contract, other provisions or parts thereof. Invalid clause will be replaced by mandatory rules of law or practice.

       Applicable Law

       Article. 29. On all outstanding of these Terms, the provisions of the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.


      These Terms are adopted by resolution of the owners of capital "KRIMEYD" Ltd. from 21.02.2012g. with effect from 02.22.2012.

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