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      Once upon a time a little girl, who has painted her own world where everything was filled with happiness and beauty. So when she grew up she decided to make sure that everyone can touch the fabulous glamor and magic, through which she has been transforming.

      The idea for the brand "Cherry" was born in 2010 as a natural development of the creative way of the fashion designer Miglena Karova. Her rich experience in various fields of fashion, and higher education in the specialty are the guarantee of the product quality you get. She recreates his inner world, shaping the garment on the manikin in the expression of her vision for one more beautiful world. Recognizable clothing brand "Cherry" has romantic look combined with a touch of freshness and retro impression.

      Clothing brand "Cherry" is an expression of desire for style and broadcast to give the brand customers the pleasure of uncompromising quality combined with distinctive vision, highlighting the natural femininity and irresistible allure of women.

      Main figure in the models of "Cherry" is the dress, it highlights the best natural grace and a sense of woman. You can see it yourself, diving into the atmosphere of "Cherry" - among the palette of playful light patterns for a pleasant walk to the subtle and seductive evening dresses for special events. Each of them will remind you that the world can be a fantastic place where everyone is special!



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